Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Building A Storage Shed For Beginners

For my last birthday my spouse decided I would build her a shed the following summer and got me the Shed Building for beginners guide as a gift. Alright, I got cheated on that present for sure however truth be told, it was precisely what I needed.

I am the type of person who simply jumps in to tasks with a image in my head of what the finished project ought to look like but with absolutely nothing in writing... or drawing such as some type of plans or a functioning blueprint.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Raising Chickens? Chicken Coop Plans Made Easy!

Your flock will enjoy all the table scraps you can give them, that is of course less the bones and citrus peels. Chickens are not very fussy and will consume just about anything from your kitchen table. Something that may come as a bit of a surprise is they like fish and meat. But if you need to supplement their diet as well you may consider growing their food or purchasing other goodies for them. Some of the foods they enjoy are:

5 Beginning Steps For Building Your DIY Storage Shed

If you have decided to build your own storage unit there are some important steps you need to consider before beginning your construction. Taking some time to consider your needs, location and design will save you a lot of headaches, time and money.