Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raising Chicken Requires A Good Hen House

Why on earth would you want to raise your own chickens? Good question until you realize what it is that you will get in return. There was and still is a good reason our forefathers raised their own livestock and poultry.

Taking the chickens as an example you get:
  1. Great tasting eggs because you can decide their diet!
  2. Nitrogen rich fertilizer for your yard or garden!
  3. Pest control because chickens love the bugs around your yard!
  4. There is yet another benefit but could you do it? Dare we say fried chicken? Gasp!
But with all critters there needs to be the housing issue and the zoning laws. Your local government branch can handle the zoning laws and as for the housing you can get help with that as well.

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The Joy Of Raising Chickens!

It is really not that hard to raise chickens right in your backyard!

With some common sense planning it can be an enjoyable hobby that will pay you dividends!
  1. It might be a good idea to pass on the roosters unless you live in the country!
  2. Chickens are social (like us) so it is better to have more than one!
  3. Your chickens will not need a rooster to lay eggs!
  4. Your chickens can make enjoyable pets and they don’t BARK!
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